3.5 million HUF ACF support for two children’s hospitals

The COVID-19 outbreak is having a massive impact on our society, economy and put an enormous financial and mental burden on our hospitals, doctors, nurses, paramedics and caregivers. These professionals sacrifice a lot by working on the front lines every day, treating people in extreme circumstances under a high risk of infection.

We are honored to see that many civil organizations, businesses and individuals have come together to help our healthcare professionals.

The time has come for the AmCham Foundation to spring into action; therefore, the Board of Trustees decided to donate HUF 3.5 million from the organization’s reserves to help the following foundations:

  • We donate HUF 1.5 million to the Tiny People Foundation János Hospital’s Child and Infant Care Department for the purchase ofprotective gear and additional equipment for the intensive care unit. 
  • We donate HUF 2 million to the Pál Heim Children’s Hospital’s Childhood Foundation for the purchase of protective gear and ventilators. 

We are confident that the equipment and tools provided through these grants will help to heal as many children as possible and increase the safety of their caregivers.


The mission of the AmCham Foundation is to help those in need of permanent care and people who became a victim of unexpected events, especially children, as well as support organizations caring for them. 

“In a time of crisis, fast positive action is essential. It makes you feel that you have been able to help those in trouble,” said Dr. Péter Komáromi, President of ACF. 

“I think everyone feels better helping others. We do not stand idle, we are there for those in need and become part of a joint effort.” – Mária Gordon, ACF representative.