About us

About the Foundation

The American Chamber of Commerce Foundation (AmCham Foundation) has been operating as an independent organization since 2001 with the primary aim of establishing a culture of corporate social responsibility in Hungary.

Our mission

Mission of the AmCham Foundation: to help children in need of social, mental or physical support, to provide transparent and ethical charity services for donor corporations and to promote corporate social responsibility and the ethos of volunteerism in the Hungarian business culture.

About us

Amerikai Kereskedelmi Kamara Alapítvány (AmCham Foundation)
H-1051. Budapest
Szent István tér 11. VI. em
E-mail: info@amchamfoundation.hu

Bank account number: OTP Bank  11711003-21482753
IBAN: HU68 1171 1003 2148 2753 0000 0000

Foundation and Management


Public Reports

It is the Foundation’s responsibility to report back to the supporters and to the public. To ensure full transparency, the Foundation requires the supported organizations to account for the use of the donations.