About the Foundation


33 years experience
More than 150 children’s institutions
HUF 440 million grant


The American Chamber of Commerce Foundation (AmCham Foundation) has been operating as an independent organization since 2001 with the primary aim of establishing a culture of corporate social responsibility in Hungary.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary (AMCHAM) was founded in 1989 and organized its first Thanksgiving Dinner in the very same year. With this event, guests were not only able to enjoy an exquisite dinner in the company of friends and family but also help those less fortunate.

In 1989, during a business trip in the United States, Ms. Zsuzsa Rajki, Managing Director of Dow Chemicals, took part in a Thanksgiving Charity Drive. The intellectuality and spirit of this event left a deep impression on her, so much so that upon returning to Hungary she decided to establish a Thanksgiving Charity Drive for AmCham. The donations – including medical equipment and toys – from the very first AmCham Thanksgiving Charity Drive went to benefit the MÁV Hospital’s children, maternity and gynecological ward. In 2001, with the help of Mr. Ádám Terták (founder) the AmCham Foundation was established.

Every year the AmCham Foundation Board of Trustees makes efforts with constant enthusiasm on that major goal in order to addresses those business life representatives who are also socially liable. Thanks to the development of a culture of social responsibility, domestic and multinational companies are increasingly more willing to contribute to charitable organizations. This is our high pride, ornate evidence that the situation is ready for exemplary union of business peoples in order to fulfil major objectives in Hungary also. It is a pleasure to learn that people give when we ask for it, and our donators are relying on us. Thanks to our supporters and supported we can fulfil our goals.

How do we operate?
We co-operate with businesses, domestic and multinational companies, who have the appropriate financial background for significant monetary support or in kind of contribution. Grant activity, which has a longer history in the western societies and it works well. Nowadays, it is a main part of company’s “image-building”. The possibility for tax-credit, publicity ensuring in turn means mutual advantage in this co-operation. Our supporters help the less fortunate through monetary and in-kind donations, along with providing voluntary labor.

The AmCham Foundation is comprised of volunteers who are not financially compensated for their work. Anybody can join the foundation for longer or shorter period of time, depending on his/her time and determination. In order to operate successfully, the AmCham Foundation relies on a solid core, namely the AmCham Foundation Board of Trustees and secretary.