ACF Generosity Award 2016 winners

For 27 years, the AmCham Foundation has been assisting institutions that are supplying or supporting those who are permanently in need or require help due to unexpected circumstances, primarily children.

The Foundation established the Generosity Award in 2005, in order to thank those supporters of the Foundation who – compared to their own opportunities – contribute the most to the Foundation’s goals.

In 2016, the AmCham Foundation moved 270 volunteers who helped many different foundations, children’s homes and hospitals in more than 2,000 working hours, so now we can say that the AmCham Foundation reached more than 1000 children of 10 institutions in 2016.

The winners of this award, besides their commitment to the good cause, contributed the ACF’s actions with 90 people and 720 hours of volunteer work for the chosen institutions.

We are proud to announce the recipients of ACF Generosity Award 2016: Lexmark Hungary and Tata Consultancy Services Hungary!

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As long-term and active supporters of the AmCham Foundation, we are grateful for their volunteer work and donations, which helped hundreds of children throughout the country.