AmCham Foundation: 2021 So Far

Since 1989, the AmCham Foundation has supported thousands of children in Hungary, giving them a hope for a better future and an opportunity to chase their dreams. However, like everywhere else, the last two years have posed an incredible challenge for our volunteers. At the beginning of the year, we could only hope to get past the problems caused by this pandemic, but now we can say that we stood tall despite the difficulties.

Fundraiser to Aid Remote Education

Recognizing the issues our supported organizations and orphanages face with remote education, we organized a fundraiser to help get the equipment they need to keep studying while away from the schools.

The AmCham Foundation provided a 1.5 million HUF support to the foundations of three educational institutions for the purchase of equipment in order to help students participate in digital education. The funds were collected on the Adjuk össze website and from donations from AmCham member companies.

The ACF Board of Trustees decided to support:

  • The Mogyoródi Közoktatásért Alapítvány with HUF 500,000 which was used to purchase large quantities of tablets that can be used by children in need.
  • The Oltalom Karitatív Egyesület with HUF 500,000 which was used to purchase tablets that were lent to the Családok Átmeneti Otthona organization, and laptops and tablets for the vocational school in Márokpapi and Gemzsé. Currently, there are 300 students in these institutions, many of whom have had difficulty participating in online education due to lack of tools.
  • The Piarista Szakképzésért Alapítvány with HUF 500,000 to purchase laptops for two disadvantaged students.

We would like to thank all our sponsors, individuals and companies from AmCham Hungary, the BSS working group, member companies ExxonMobil, Interag Holding, Kondor Holding, Sándor, Sándor Szeged, Szent-Ivány Komárom Eversheds Sutherland Law Office who helped us accomplish this.

Unforgettable Summer Adventures with ACF

In July, with the support of the Ford Global Giving Fund, we launched a series of programs created to bring carefree entertainment to children cared for in public homes.

We did not want to organize a traditional summer camp simply because these kids share a home with 8-to-10 people, they eat, sleep, study and do chores together. Simply put, their lives already look like a camp. We wanted to give them an experience of a family by playing, cooking, eating, doing sports, and sharing lots of laughs and love together.

ACF volunteers from NCR Hungary first went to the Bokréta Home on Szent Imre Herceg street. Every child’s eyes lit up after a day full of games, sports, drawing and shared meals, and they asked the volunteers to return soon as they escorted them to the gate.

Furthermore, the children of the Bernecebaráti Home were surprised with a trip to Aquaworld on August 17.

„I would like to thank ACF and their supporters for this unforgettable day. We could not do this on our own. The children had so much fun in the water” – said Tamác Bábics, the head of the home.

The program continued with the kids from Burattino Home who had a special day with the volunteers from Tata Consultancy Services. From clay modeling and henna tattoos to sports and playing Activity, they had a tremendous time. And we did not even burn the stew while we all laughed at the challenge of pantomiming a T-Rex! But the greatest joy of all was when the kids asked when we would be back as we said goodbye.

Of course we promised to return soon.

The program was a great success. Even if just for one day, we showed these children love, care and some great time.

Of course we express our sincere gratitude and respect to all educators and caregivers, seeing how difficult, but above all, important is the work they do on a daily basis.

At the Fall Corporate Volunteer Day on October 8, volunteers from Tata Consultancy Services visited the Burattino Home to fix up the garden, plant flowers, and trees, as well as host a Code Theater for the senior students to teach them responsible and safe internet use.

With students over the age of 12 at the Burattino Primary and Vocational School, our Code Theater program is ‘Unknown’. his presentation was screened and processed on October 8th. We launched this series in 2017 with the aim of teaching the safe use of the Internet / IT to children, parents, foster parents and teachers in orphanages in Hungary.

Today’s children and teenagers are flooded with information and communication technology. It has become an essential and common part of their daily lives. With a series of interactive rehearsals, the goal is to get children out of their comfort zone, to meet people who offer a solution and an approach to solving and solving problems in the face of the same problems. Since the launch of the program, nearly a thousand children have been able to attend our performances.

Tata Consultancy Services will debut its goIT program at ACF-supported homes to introduce students to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education, computer science, design thinking, and innovation. The goIT program’s goal is to demystify computer science and help students gain the skills and confidence required
to pursue STEM degrees and become tomorrow’s technology leaders.

Support the Foundation

You can support the AmCham Foundation’s work for children in need with donations at
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