AmCham Foundation supports the digital education of three educational institutions with 1.5 million HUF

The AmCham Foundation supports three educational institutions foundation with HUF 1.5 million, helping their students to participate in distance learning by purchasing the necessary digital devices.

The coronavirus pandemic still afflicts Hungary and its schools and students. We know how important it is for teachers and students alike to make learning and teaching as effective as possible especially when learning from home. In this crisis, we are glad to see that, in addition to government actions, many NGOs and individuals are also helping the work of schools, teachers, and students.

For this reason, the Board of Trustees of the AmCham Foundation decided to start a charity campaign on the AdjukÖssze website to help children’s distance education.  1,5 million HUF – the donations from the website, supplemented by AmCham member’s donations will be sent to the following educational institutions:

  • We support with 500 thousand HUF the MOGYORÓDI KÖZOKTATÁSÉRT ALAPÍTVÁNY, from which they can buy a large number of tablets that children in need can use at home for distant education.
  • We support with 500 thousand HUF the Oltalom Karitatív Egyesület, to buy tablets and laptops that the Temporary Home of Families and the vocational schools of Márokpapi and Gemzse can borrow. Currently, more than 300 students study at the institution, many of whom have difficulty with online education due to a lack of necessary tools. Unfortunately, they still have students who can only get the curriculum and assignments on paper, so that the organization wants to buy them tablets and/or laptops for home use. The devices would remain the property of the Oltalom Karitatív Egyesület and would be issued to students for home use.
  • We support with 500 thousand HUF the A Piarista Szakképzésért Alapítvány, so that they can buy laptops for two students with disadvantaged backgrounds.

We would like to take the opportunity to express our gratitude to those people, companies, and organizations (AmCham Hungary, BSS Hungary,  ExxonMobil, Interag, Kondor Holding, Sándor, Sándor Szegedi Szent-Ivány Komáromi Eversheds Sutherland) that supported our campaign and made this possible.

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