The Foundation’s bank account – OTP Bank  11711003-21482753
IBAN: HU68 1171 1003 2148 2753 0000 0000


The AmCham Foundation’s aim is to create opportunities in Hungary to enhance the development of ethical business conduct through the charity activities of both foreign and Hungarian-owned companies and entrepreneurs.

How do donations happen?

  • Announcing annual tenders with specific purposes for institutions and organizations registered in Hungary. Independent experts evaluate the applications objectively. The winners are announced and presented on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Identifying needs and providing quick support in case of unexpected natural disasters.
  • Organizing Corporate Volunteer Programs at pre-selected institutions and organizations for AmCham members and employees.


The AmCham Foundation supports only institutions registered in Hungary in favor of those who have at least one year of experience and are registered with the court.

What applicants can expect?
With the help of the donators, the AmCham Foundation offers non-repayable financial and/or material support, as well as manual labor. The maximum amount an applicant can win is determined.
For those institutions that do not win support, we provide further opportunities by sending their tenders to our partner institutions, in case they agree in advance in writing.


Experience and know-how

  • The accurate, transparent, ethical, and effective way of charity services is assured by the members of the AmCham Foundation Board of Trustees who are well-known and respected business people.
  • 19 years of experience in the non-profit and charity sector with a high reputation.
  • Our volunteers are professionals in their field of daily activity and providing effective professional support to us
  • Extensive PR & Media coverage provided.
  • The entire amount of donations goes to charity.
  • Regular feedback on the use of donations will be prided.
  • There is no need for an extra workforce to handle the jobs. Volunteers of the AmCham Foundation provide full professional service to the supporters.
  • Follow-up and continuous correction are assured by the live connection between supported organizations and supporters.

What will the Donors have in return?

  • Pre-selection and evaluation of more than a hundred tenders by volunteer professionals.
  • Regular reports concerning the use of the granted amounts.
  • Possibility for team building at one of the Corporate Volunteer Programs.
  • All of the supporters have the opportunity to meet the supported children and the representatives of the granted institutions.
  • References about the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Good Citizen recognition.
  • Possibility of making proposals for the execution of unique charity projects.
  • Opportunity to take part in the work of the AmCham Foundation.
  • Awareness-raising PR tools