Ongoing Fundraising


The AmCham Foundation (ACF) has been operating as an independent organization since 2001 with the primary aim of establishing a culture of corporate social responsibility in Hungary. 

Our mission is to help children in need of social, mental, or physical support, to provide transparent and ethical charity services for donor corporations, and to promote corporate social responsibility and the ethos of volunteerism in the Hungarian business culture. 

With its 30 years of experience in organizing volunteering events, ACF offers transparent and ethical charity services to donor corporations. We offer end-to-end services: besides organization and logistics, we also support companies to pre-examine and follow-up on volunteering projects and to monitor potential children’s institutions. Since the beginning, the organization has raised around HUF 400 million in donations for nearly 130 children’s institutions, reaching more than 15,000 children. 

Our main pillars are 

1. Talent development: A new strategic goal for ACF, we are dedicated to expanding the Zsuzsa Rajki Award, dedicated to support young talented individuals who excel in their studies, arts or sports despite difficult backgrounds. In addition to financial support, we aim to diversify the program through mentoring. 

2. Digital Education: Code Theater performances and classroom lessons:
This unique program was designed to teach children how the internet affects their personal lives. Young actors perform real-life scenarios youths encounter every day on the web, and experts help the children analyze the scene, learning valuable lessons on safe internet use, communication, and cyberbullying. 

3. Corporate Volunteer Days: Spring Buzz and “A Day to Make it Happen”:

The ACF’s volunteers regularly visit children’s homes to refurbish facilities, paint walls, do yard work, plant trees, and, of course, play with the kids.
In 2019, the ACF mobilized more than 500 volunteers to help foundations, children’s homes, and schools with more than 3,500 working hours. Overall, ACF reached more than 550 children across 12 institutions in 2019. 

Thanksgiving Charity Drive 

One of America’s most important holidays is approaching, a time to appreciate what we have, cherish our families and help the less fortunate. For many years, it has been a special day for us. Lots of memories were made over the delicious roasted turkey, we saw unforgettable performances, handed out hundreds of wonderful prizes and most importantly, we came together to support many children. 

Unfortunately, COVID-19 forced us to cancel the traditional Thanksgiving Charity Dinner, so we need your support more than ever. For more information on how to help the Foundation to achieve its goals, please contact Erika Bosnyák at 

Thank you, AmCham Members 

Because of your dedicated support, ACF can provide help and life-changing relief to children in need. Our supporters, domestic and multinational companies, help the less fortunate through monetary and in-kind donations, along with hours of voluntary work.

If would you like to join and donate, please click HERE!