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Dear helpful friend!

Please visit the “Ongoing Fundraising” menu item, based on the description there, you can decide whether you are capable of giving any assistance in relation to the specific requests contained therein.

In case your offer does not correspond with the current needs, we would still be pleased to accept your donation, volunteer work, expertise (such as office/home appliances, books, transportation, counseling) since one of the driving forces of our operations is volunteering.

If you would like to donate money, the easiest way to do that is thru bank transfer.

OUR ACCOUNT NUMBER IS:  OTP Bank  11711003-21482753
IBAN: HU68 1171 1003 2148 2753 0000 0000   BIC(SWIFT): OTPVHUHB

If you wouldn’t like us to indicate your name among the donors, please write the word “Anonim” in the comment box of the transfer.  In case you would like to define the recipient of your donation, please indicate the name/target of the recipient, which you can do under the “Ongoing Fundraising” menu item.

In case of corporate donations, in addition to an indication of the company name, we guarantee to issue the certificate required for the settlement of other expenses, regarding donations for public purposes. For this, we ask you to send us your contact information, thru e-mail: info@amchamfoundation.hu.

If you would like to donate household or any items, please notify us by e-mail  (info@amchamfoundation.hu). We kindly ask you to only donate usable (inoperable), clean objects and let us know how long you can store the objects. Unfortunately, we can not store the donations, so we ask you to only donate large objects if you can also help in sending it out to the recipient.

In case of offering your time or expertise, please describe the extent of your offer as accurately as possible.

We gladly accept any offer to the info@amchamfoundation.hu e-mail address.

Every forint helps, every forint counts!

Thank you for your generosity!
For further information please contact us: erika.bosnyak@amchamfoundation.hu

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