Getting to Know the wonderful world of filmmaking!


On December 3 more than 70 disadvantaged children (Bólyai Gyermekotthon, Cseppkő Gyermekotthonok, Kézzelfogható Alapítvány, RÉS Szociális és Kulturális Alapítvány) and more than 50 AmCham member company employees visited the Korda Filmpark’s interactive exhibition and attend the studio tour.


During the nearly three-hour program, the children were able to learn who does what in a film crew, the process of making a movie from the idea to execution, and what sound supervisors actually do among other things. We were enlightened about the working process in the sound studio. We could simulate the clatter of hoofs in from adventure movies and were shown a number of other film secrets got revealed.

The most exciting part was learning how they make someof the effects for the film “Giants and Dwarves” and naturally the motorcycling on the bank of the Danube! The guests saw how they make the water scenes, and what it is like when a battleship blows up (the line for this attraction was particularly long!)


All-in-all the children were able to taste the wonderful world of movie making, and as a takeaway present  were able to take photos in ‘New York’ and a ‘medieval’ villages.


We are grateful to the ExxonMobil BSC and Interag Holding for their support and to other AmCham members for their attendance to witness the children’s happiness.

Photos: Lázár Todoroff