Highlights of the year 2018

Since it was established, the AmCham Foundation has supported thousands of children in Hungary, bringing smiles to their faces, creating opportunities for them to realize their dreams and giving them hope for a better future.


In 2018, the AmCham Foundation (ACF) involved more than 400 volunteers in helping many different foundations, children’s homes and schools with more than 2,800 working hours. Overall, ACF reached more than 500 children in six institutions in 2018.


Spring Buzz: The goal of the “Spring Buzz – A Day toMake It Happens” Volunteers’ Day on April 14, was to maintain the surroundings of Kossuth Lajos Children’s Institute and Bliss Foundation in Budapest.
More than 120 volunteer employees of AmCham member companies (Avis Budget Group, ExxonMobil BSC, MAPI Zrt., NCR Hungary, Lexmark, and Tata Consultancy) and students from BME Kéttannyelvű Gimnázium and Kürt Alapítványi High School spent their day improving the environment where the disadvantaged children are fostered
and educated. Within the framework of Spring Buzz, an additional event was organized in SOFI Módszertani Intézet in late April, where volunteers from Ford Hungary did home gardening.

The Fall Edition: In the beautiful fall sunshine, more than 60 volunteers from Tata and
Lexmark, and other individuals volunteers worked at AGA Children’s Institute on October 13. Thanks to the helping hands, the hall at the main building was painted and the gym was cleaned and equipped. The enthusiastic volunteers (Avis Budget Group,  NCR Hungary, Lexmark, Urmet and Tata Consultancy) planted flowers and played
with the children living in AGA Children home.

Save children – online and offline

ACF launched its Code-Theater program in 2017 with the goal of teaching safe internet/IT usage to children living in a state and foster care in Hungary.
Children and teenagers are flooded by information and communication technology. It has become an essential and common part of their daily life. With a series of interactive rehearsals, the aim is to move kids out of their comfort zones, meet with others facing the same problems and give them solutions and approaches to solving and addressing problems together. In 2018, more than 350 kids participated in the program.

Thanks for the support: Dow Chemicals, ExxonMobil BSC

Creating unforgettable moments

In September, ACF organized a visit to Liszt Ferenc International Airport for visually impaired and blind children. The kids could smell the jet fuel and hear the thunderous sound of the plane engines. They could smell the kerosene, and hear the sound
of the jet engines. They waved at the pilots rolling by them on the runway.
The visit ended in the Aeropark, with the kids boarding Il 18 and TU 154 aircraft.

Let dreams take flight!

Focus on next-gen talents ACF launched its Rajki Zsuzsa Award in 2017. The goal is to help talented but socially disadvantaged children reach their goals and dreams, developing their talents by providing them with a onetime non-refundable financial support.
In 2018, five talents were able to take a step closer to their dreams.

Looking ahead:

Strategic directions in 2019: We consider talent development as the main strategic goal of the Foundation, so more emphasis will be put on the promotion of the Rajki Zsuzsa Award, attracting more young talents and corporate supporters. In addition to the financial support, our aim is to diversify the program with mentoring.
AmCham Foundation promotes corporate social responsibility and the ethos of volunteerism in the Hungarian business culture. With its 30 years of experience in organizing volunteering events, ACF offers transparent and ethical charity services to donor corporations. We offer end-to-end services: besides organization and logistics, we also support companies to pre-examine and follow-up the volunteering projects and to monitor potential children’s institutions.

Thank You, AmCham Members!
Because of supporters like you, we are able to provide help and life-changing relief to children in need. ACF is proud of the commitment we make to children’s well-being. Our supporters – domestic and multinational companies – help the less fortunate through monetary and in-kind donations, along with hours of voluntary work. For almost 30 years, the Foundation has been helping institutions that are supplying or supporting children
who are permanently in need or require help due to extraordinary circumstances.

   Moments of our volunteers 

ACF established its Generosity Award in 2005 in order to thank those supporters who – given their own opportunities – contribute most to the foundation’s goals. The winners of this award, besides their commitment to the good cause, have contributed both funds and
volunteer work to the success of ACF.
The winner this year is Avis Budget Group BSC. Volunteers of the Year are: TATA Consultancy Services and Dóra Kalocsa