LEGO Hungary volunteers help embellishing school yard


The renovation of SOFI (Óvoda, Általános Iskola, Speciális Szakiskola és Egységes Gyógypedagógiai Módszertani Intézmény) school’s park in the XVIII. district of Budapest was performed with the participation of 25 enthusiastic employees of LEGO Hungary Kft.


Our foundation’s mediation was key to make such volunteer effort possible. We are always glad to find a volunteering project for our corporate teams to engage in, providing an opportunity to offer a helping hand to an institution for children in need and allowing team building in a pleasant atmosphere.

All LEGO volunteers arrived at the school excited and soon became friends with the kids. Together with the vocational school’s boys and girls, they grabbed shovels and hoes, built a rock garden, planted plants, clipped bushes, painted benches and even got to lay concrete. The kindergarteners’ small garden was beautifully renovated, and thanks to the volunteers, new courtyard games, a seesaw, a toy house and a sand pit were set up as well.

Lego17Not only did the volunteers come to work, they also surprised the children with precious gifts. Thank you for your work and dedication!