No Hollywood tricks here – 4 million forints worth of donations

The AmCham Foundation presented its donations collected in 2013 at the Korda Filmpark in Etyek.

On November 24th, the AmCham Foundation held its traditional donations ceremony. The Foundation focuses on helping underprivileged children, therefore it is a key priority to organize its donation ceremony in venues that offer a lifetime experience for supported children. This year 250 guests could attend a visit through the Korda Filmpark in Etyek, among them many children from Kerepes Primary School, the Borostyánvilág Foundation from Kaposvár and the Child and Youth Foundation of Pest County.

The AmCham Foundation launched two fundraising campaigns. Seeing the devastating effects of the Danube flooding at the beginning of the year, the Foundation launched an extraordinary campaign to help children affected. As a result 1,155 million forints were raised for the reconstruction of the Water Sports Assocation of Dunabogdány’s play ground. The Association will use the funds collected for rebuilding its playground with focus on making it healthy and safe for children. The AmCham Foundation plans on providing further assistance to the Association by organizing a Volunteer Day in Spring of 2014.

The kindergarten of Tahitótfalu received donations worth 1,3 million forints also for reconstructing their playground. The kindergarten plans on substituting its sand bed with shock absorbent, permeable rubber sheets to avoid similar damages in the future. Unfortunately trees near the playground had to be felled after the flood, so the kindergarten will use solar sails to provide necessary shading.

Traditionally the AmCham Foundation selects a county each year in which it launches a tender for the donations collected through its Thanksgiving Charity Drive. The Charity Drive offers an opportunity for AmCham member companies and individuals to contribute with donations. This year the Foundation supported the Borostyánvilág Foundation with 1,650 million forints in Somogy county. The Borostyánvilág Foundation was founded in 1998 in Kaposvár and offers temporary and crisis care for abused women and children. The donations will help the creation of a community space and support the Foundation in achieving its goals. Amongst others, the Foundation supports young women who give birth to children alone and without family support, securing accommodation and care for children, the struggle against child abuse and poverty and domestic violence, the reintegration of underprivileged people, the decreasing of complex disadvantages, the improvement of equal opportunities for ethnic minorities and the supporting of underprivileged students.

Part of the donations ceremony was the presentation of the Generosity Prize granted to companies who have been supporting the AmCham Foundation’s work in a long-term, regular and outstanding way. This year’s Generosity Prizes were received by Citibank plc, represented by Evelin Ducsai, operating and technology officer, and by Interag Holding, represented by Boér Gábor, CEO. Interag Holding had been the chief sponsor of the Interag charity movie screenings in the past five years, where more than 100 children received the opportunity to receive the 3D experience.

Finally, the AmCham Foundation appraised people who have been supporting the Foundation with voluntary work. This year’s Volunteer of the Year title went to Edit Bencsik, Andrea Nagy and Anikó Kraft.