Spring Buzz – Corporate Volunteer’s Day


Saturday, 20 May, 2017
09:00 – 15:00


  1. Cseppkő Children’s homes – Cseppkő Unit (Budapest, II. Cseppkő utca 74.)
  2. Bólyai Children’s homes – Hűvösvölgyi unit (Budapest, Hűvösvölgyi út 165, 1021)




Expected activities of organizations:

  • to clean up green spaces,
  • to paint corridors, to clean windows,
  • to paint seating benches, playground toys, fences
  • to create and to paint pallet furniture  –
    for all these activities gardening tools, plants and paint are needed.
  • to organize skill games for children of the homes
  • Used toys, books, clothes are accepted (exception: underwear, shoes)

Make a difference and volunteer one day while building a stronger employee team and working environment through a positive group activity outside the office environment.

To sign up for this opportunity, please send an email to foundation@amcham.hu with providing the following information (till 17 May, 2017):

Company’s/person’s name:

Contact Person:

Contact numbers: (phone, fax, e-mail):

Name of volunteers:


  • Connected to the program, it can only be achieved if an individual corporate team applies for these tasks (we need 10-15 people ). Bokréta Gyermekotthon –for more information, please call us (+3630 9413-001)!

About homes:

Cseppkő street Children’s homes Center  – Cseppkő street unit
Location: in a huge area with a beautiful environment, on the top of the Rose Hill, at the intersection of Csatárka út – Törökvész út – Kapy út. Access: from Kolosy Square bus number 29 to Törökvész út stop or from Batthyány Square with bus number 11, bus 111 to Csatárka út stop. From both directions the buses running time are 20-25 minutes and afterward a short walk up the Verecke stairs.

One of the largest children’s homes in Hungary with a lot of traditions lives up to 120 children with normal and integrated needs; Boys – girls mixed up to 3 to 24 years of age. Children in transition or in long-term care are coming from orphanages, but mostly from families living in extremely poor social conditions, where domestic violence, crime and a variety of addictions are not rare. For this reason, the institution’s educational philosophy has room for all children to provide full-fledged care that provides stability, emotional security as well as helping to keep in touch with the relatives and help them to furtherance their home care.

In the Children’s Home there are three home units each consists of 40 people, one after-care professional unit (the Garzonház) and one kindergarten unit. In the home units – in 12 groups – children of 3-18 years old and a few young adult over the age of 18 live. The units are located in a parked, wooded, lush garden, and there are playgrounds in the garden with swings, climbers, cyclists and sandboxes. The pavilions have 1, 2 and 3 bed rooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, washbasins, showers, toilets provide complete comfort. Children with their caretaker have a familiar environment for their everyday lives. In each of the children’s groups, it is possible for children of different genders and ages to co-raise, so that the brothers can be placed in one home, preferably in one group.

Bólyai Children’s Home Center – Hűvösvölgy Children’s Home (about 100 children)  (1021 Budapest, Hűvösvölgyi út 165.)
The children’s home is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Buda. Close to popular excursion destinations. From Széll Kálmán square you can easily reach it with either tram or bus. Two Professional Units and The Apartment Home are located in a beautiful ancient park, in separate buildings. In these buildings there are 7 family-friendly groups of children. There are 8-12 people in each group. The groups consist of living rooms, a kitchen-dining room, a living room and a bathroom.  They strive to place brothers and sister into the same group and room.

The home will accommodate: children with temporary care, respectively underage children who have resort to education and full-time care, as well as after-care services for young adults who become adults. Baba-mama group was opened on July 1, 2015, where mothers under the age of 18 can be accommodated with their children and can also suit pregnant, young mothers.

Bokréta Homes – XVII. District IV. u. 47. Twin-room with two groups, 10-10 young people are welcomed in 2 and 4 bedded bedrooms. Their family houses are located in the quiet suburbs of the outer districts of Budapest and in Bernecebaráti. Each of our family houses has a spacious yard where rest places and court games await their youth. All 7 groups undertake special needs and 3 groups of integrated children with special needs. After reaching the age of majority, 3 after-care homes are available for young people – in 2 apartments with 4 places or a group of 10 people – until the age of 24.