This happened in 2010

On behalf of the 10-year-old AmCham Foundation let us thank you for your help in 2010 and give you a short summary of the Foundation’s activity.

The AmCham Foundation has been working in its current form since 2001 and has distributed nearly 270 Million HUF in donations among children’s institutions in need so far. Over 60 kindergartens and children’s homes are still in operation and are able to provide healthy living conditions to children in need thanks to your donations.
With the aid of AmCham members, many institutions now have beds, clothes, shoes, nurseries were established helping mothers to go to work. The Foundation even equipped a kindergarten with a salt room for the everyday care of children with respiratory diseases.
Last year we could support children in need with your help many ways

_MG_6222_resize_resizeThe AmCham Foundation organized a special screening of the three-dimensional movie, “How to train your Dragon”. The 3D movie was screened to 250 participantsone week after the film’s national premiere, with all proceeds from the tickets going to support children living in state-care. Nearly 120 children from all over Budapest, and some from foster homes themselves, were privileged enough to take part in the movie viewing. Special thanks to Pfizer Ltd. who sponsored the event, along with AES Hungary and Cinema City Arena Plaza.

In the summer of 2010, the AmCham Foundation launched an extraordinary collection of donations for the victims of the spring floods in North-Eastern Hungary. As a result, a record sum of nearly 6.8 million HUF had been collected, enabling the construction of the Fekete István kindergarten’s playground, the renovation of the Kossuth kindergarten’s floor, as well as the construction of a salt room for the children with asthma and other respiratory illnesses, and the launch of a nursery group. The Presentation Ceremony of Donations (held on September 19, 2010) gave an opportunity to the CEOs and directors of the donating companies to see for themselves the results of their contributions and to taste the delicious homemade cakes and cookies prepared by the donators as well as by the beneficiaries.


The Presentation Ceremony received nation-wide coverage as it made it into the evening news of RTL Klub, Hír TV, Duna TV, and MTV1, and was covered in Lánchíd Rádió and Inforádió as well. Furthermore, Népszabadság published an article about the event, as well as many local news outlets.
The AmCham Foundation could not have succeeded without the contributions and the dedication of its supporters: Flextronics Global Services Budapest, AES Hungary, American House Foundation, Gyula Béla Bányai, Columbian Tiszai Carbon Ltd., Interag Holding Zrt., RSM DTM Hungary, Rita Istiván Sándorné, TATA Consultancy Services, Budapest Marriott Hotel and Wrigley Hungária.


On October 8, 2010 the AmCham Foundation sent its call for an other extraordinary collection of donations for the victims of the red sludge spill in South-West Hungary. To lead by example, the Foundation offered 1 million HUF from its own reserves to help the victims. Above the offered 1 million HUF, more than 6 million HUF had been collected.

Thanks to Alvinci Partners, American Express Hungary Ltd., American House Foundation, Blue Business Interior Kft., Celanese Hungary Kft., and its employees, Columbian Tiszai Koromgyártó Kft., Cushman & Wakefield Kft, Flextronics International Kft., Dow Hungary, Energosys Zrt, GE Consumer & Industrial, Magyar Pályázakészítô Iroda Zrt., Mécs and Partners, László Metzing, Pannon Lapok Társasága Kiadói Kft., Provice Business and IT Service Provider and Consulting Ltd., János Pócs, RSM DTM Hungary Zrt., Lajos Sápi, David Young.

The AmCham Foundation organized a second Charity Movie screening, introducing the new Disney animation Tangled on December 18, one week after its premiere in Hungary. Children and their families from the red sludge-affected region attended the screening, selected with the help of local parishes and charity organizations.
Special thanks to AES Hungary, Burger King, Flextronics International Kft. and Cinema City Aréna Plaza.
We now want to thank you for this kind aid and ask for further support for our work this year.