Visit at Korda Studios in Etyek – enter the amazing world of filmmaking!

On Saturday morning, December 3, 2016, the AmCham Foundation, which is the charity arm of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary, will be hosting an event for families from member companies at the Korda Filmstudio in EtyekFrom 10:00 am-13:15 pm, enter the amazing world of filmmaking!

When: December 3, 2016 – Saturday
Venue: Korda Filmstudio
Address: Etyek, Korda út 1.
GPS: 47″26’18.16, 18″43’50.35


10:35 – 11:00 Registration
11:05 – 12:30 Korda memorial exhibition, Interaktive programs, Studio tour
12:45 – 13:15 ACF roundtable with participating children –  Experience an entertaining and educational guided tour behind the scenes of moviemaking

Registration fees:  

  • Children: 2 500 HUF (under age 14 – under age 6 – free)
  • Adults: 4 000 HUF
  • Family (2 adult + 1 child) 9 000 HUF
  • Family (2 adult + 2 children) 10 000 HUF
  • Virtual ticket: 4 000 HUF

Please write an e-mail with the participants name: 

We kindly ask participants to pay the registration fee in advance to the ACF bankaccount: AmCham Alapítvány 10800007-70000001-00127008.

We offer a new experience for film lovers, the Korda Filmpark is the first movie-themed visitors center in Central-Eastern Europe, located 30 kilometers from Budapest, in Etyek. The Filmpark can be found amongst the stages and backlot sets of Korda Studios, where international feature films (Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, Season of the Witch) and TV mega-productions (The Borgias,  World Without End) have been filmed. The Korda Filmpark offers memorable moments, fun, and entertainment for individual and group visitors alike throughout the year. During the two-hour exhibition and studio tour, Filmpark guides will show you the history and tricks of filmmaking, and offer a behind-the-scenes look at a lively film studio.

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The goal of the Studio Tour is to raise funds for the Talented children of Budapest and Pest County. The AmCham Foundation is also inviting children from this region. To help with this, we encourage you to buy a “virtual ticket” even if you cannot attend the tour in person. By buying a “virtual ticket”  or an adult ticket, you will support a talented children from Budapest and Pest County.


How will the AmCham Foundation distribute your donation?

  • The foundation supports healthcare, social and educational programs of organizations in Hungary helping children in need.
  • Supported programs are selected through a national or county-level open tender.
  • A detailed and full monitoring system is applied.

Would you like to support our activity – Please visit our website.

Directions by car:

Total driving time: 30-45 minutes

Leave Budapest from the Buda side following signes towards WIEN(Vienna) and Balaton. Exit Budapest via the M1-M7 highway.
When the highways split keep right onto M1 towards WIEN(Vienna).
Exit at BIATORBÁGY. After the exit take a left at the roundabout and follow the signd towards Biatorbágy. Enter Biatorbágy and follow the road to the center of the town.
Take a left at the roundabout in the center of town towards SÓSKÚT-ETYEK.
Head straight and then turn off right towards ETYEK before leaving Biatorbágy.
Continue to the town of Etyek and pass through the town continuing straight along the road. Korda Studios will be to your left at the top of the hill after leaving the town.